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Past Inquiries / Testimonials:

List of Past Inquiries and Testimonials

Persona is recognised by the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) and has worked with many of the leading Barristers and law firms within the planning sphere.


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12th October 2015



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Persona Associates is a long established independent Consultancy that is able to offer a complete service package - Programme Officers, Witness Training and Inquiry Web Site Management - in relation to Public Inquires into renewable energy, planning, compulsory purchase orders, transport and highway projects.

Programme Officers - Persona has a pool of fully trained Programme Officers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience, together with the independent role, which is so important, especially with increased scrutiny caused by the Human Rights Act. They all have constant office back up and extensive up-to-date experience of dealing with members of the public, objectors, barristers and other legal/professional representatives, so there is always somebody available.

Expert Witness Training - We, in conjunction with Professional Solutions, offer a two or three day Training Package which has the objective of helping the experts present their evidence as competent professionals who inspire confidence in the Inspector and impart real credibility to their evidence. The Training is presented by two specialist Barristers, a professional proof writer and retired Planning Inspector. The course includes a "Mock Inquiry".

Inquiry Web Hosting - For several years Persona has been providing a dedicated "independent" website for most Inquiries that it has been involved with. The sites have been universally welcomed and have proved a valuable tool before, during and after the Inquiry.



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2015 - The Greater London Authority (Regeneration of Southall Gasworks) Compulsory Purchase Order 2014

The Greater London Authority (Regeneration of Southall Gasworks) Compulsory Purchase Order 2014 - Opening on Tuesday, 30th June 2015 at Ealing Town Hall and scheduled to last up to 8 days


2015 - The Lincoln Eastern Bypass Public Inquiry

A new planning application has been submitted to build a bridge for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians that would span over the proposed Lincoln Eastern Bypass to the south of Hawthorn Road.



Waiting a Decision


2014 - The Leeds Trolley Vehicle System Order



Decision  Announced


2015 -The London Borough of Croydon Whitgift Centre CPO & SUO Public Inquiry


A5 Dunstable Northern Bypass


The Bexhill to Hastings Link Road Public Inquiry



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