Top 10 Quietest Air Compressor for Garage

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In this review article, I’m going to review some of the quietest air compressor for garage. If you’re a garage warrior or just passionate about DIY projects, you and I know that efficiency is the key.

Working with loud compressors can be frustrating not only for you but also for those living in your neighborhood. But the good news is that quiet air compressors are now a reality and you can get them online at almost the same price as traditional ones.

Finding the best air compressor is simple as long as you know what you want. Below is my guide on what you should consider when shopping for a quiet air compressor.

Best Quiet Air Compressors Buyer Guide

To get the best quiet air compressor, there are several factors and features that you should look out for. They include:

Noise Levels & purpose

Noise is measured in decibels, and because you want a quiet air compressor, it’s important to emphasize the decibel ratings.

Decibels are measured in such a way that, 10 points increase doubles the volume. For instance, 30dB is twice louder than 20dB.

To give you a better understanding of sound measurement in decibels, here’s an example- electric shaver is rated 65 decibels. This means that most of the air compressors in this review are as quiet as hair shaver. Use this chart to understand how loud a given compressor is.

What the main reason why you want a compressor? This will determine how much you’re willing to spend and the features that you’ll want in a compressor.

Tank size

Once the compressor pump draws air in, the air is then transported to a pressurized tank. The size of the tank is important because it affects the machine portability and the tasks you could use the compressor for.

The purpose of the compressor will determine the tank size. For example, large tanks are specially designed for industrial uses, while small tanks are designed for home garage uses.

Ideally, tank sizes ranging from 1-6 gallons are perfect for use at home and can do basic tasks such as nailing, stapling, inflating, and small painting projects. Additionally, the larger the tank size, the noisier the material will be.

Type of Motor

There are two types of motors for air compressors. Some quiet air compressors motor unit require oiling while others don’t.

Most of the silent compressors in my list are oil free and hence require very minimal maintenance.

Compressors that use oil need regular maintenance and oil change.  But if you go for compressors that require oil, I would recommend you to go for 20 or 30 weight oil depending on where you live. For example, if you live in areas where temperatures are below 34 degrees Fahrenheit, you should go for SAE 20 weight oil.

The oil-free models are smaller and highly portable compared to their counterparts. They require less maintenance and are the best for home use. Because you need a compressor for home, all my reviewed products below are oil-free and great for home use.


All air compressors are fitted with a regulator knob that allows you to adjust the PSI according to your preference.

If you use the compressor for continuous use to wash, spray paint, or sand, you will need one with a high SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute). SCFM refers to the volume of air expelled at a given PSI under standard conditions.

However, if you’re going to use the compressor for simple garage activities such as nailing and stapling, a lower SCFM will be just fine.

Also, keep in mind that the diameter and the length of the hose you’ll use to connect to the pneumatic tool will also affect the air volume. The hose needs to be short and narrow for maximum pressure. Recommended read: Quietest bike trainers.

Quietest Air Compressor for Garage Reviews

1. California Air Tools 8010

The California Air 8010 is one of the quietest air compressors on the market today rated 60 decibels.

The unit weighs 54 pounds and has an overall dimension of 26 x 14 x 23 inches and it’s  made from solid steel construction and requires little to no maintenance, thus saves you on maintenance costs.

Furthermore, it comes with an air filter and wheel kit and only takes 65 seconds to fill an empty tank. It also features a powerful motor which is easier to maintain as compared to the oil types motors.

In addition, it features a padded handle design that makes it easy for you to move and work in different areas.

It is easy to use since it has a pressure gauge on the left of the front panel; the regulator knob is at the middle while the regulator gauge is on the extreme right. You will also find universal connectors above the regulator knob.

2. Makita MAC2400

Makita Compressors feature among the noiseless air compressors rated 79 decibels.

It is perfectly polished to bring a cute and elegant design.  It is made of cast iron and features a big bore tank and a piston for ensuring a quick recovery time.

The tank has a capacity of 4.2, and this ensures the operating pressure is maintained at 130 PSI. It has a powerful engine and come with air filters that increase the air intake; this makes it one of the most effective air compressors.

It has a low AMP, and this ensures there are minimal tripped breakers when starting up.

The compressor requires less maintenance since the pump is lubricated with oil to ensure cool operating temperatures. In addition it can withstand several hostile work environments due to its rolling cage structure, and the lever handle and tank drain valves allow for easier maintenance.

Lastly, it’s made from durable and solid material and therefore will last for long. It is easier to remove the cylinder for maintenance.

3. California Air Tools 10020C

The California Air 10020C is ultra-quiet and gives out 70 decibels when operating.

It has a powerful engine with an operating pressure of up to 125 PSI, weighs 82.5 pounds and has an overall dimension of 16 x 15.1 x 35.9 inches perfect size for most garages.

In addition it’s made of hard solid metal which is specially coated to ensure durability. It uses less power and has only a voltage of 110. You can run this tool at any time, even at night without disturbing your loved ones and neighbors.

Additionally, it features a sturdy handle that ensures easier movement and portability. The wheels and this too makes movement easier. The motor is well built, flows pretty well, and is quite convenient.

If you fill the tank, you will notice it can stay for many days without a leak down. It is therefore useful in holding air.


If you are looking for air compressor equipped with high-end premium features and available at a reasonable price, the DEWALT DWFP55130 is a perfect choice.

The DEWALT brand has made a name in the provision of durable machines. You will be impressed by their focus on the noise levels, which is maintained at 71.5 decibels.

Other than the decent silent, something else to note about the DEWALT is that the tank fills up pretty fast and the entire set up is simplified.

Notable features include a 2.5-gallon cylinder and the capacity to deliver 200 PSI. The pump speed stands at 2300 rpm and features an oil-free pump, which ensures there is little or no maintenance.

The high airflow knob ensures there is improved performance. It’s equipped with a low 12 amp engine, which is easy to start, and this reduces the breaker tripping. Lastly, it has a lightweight design and only weighs 36 pounds, and the compact design allows for easy transport and storage.

5. Campbell Hausfeld DC060500

Most offers on the market promise a lot in terms of efficiency but end up disappointing the user. But Campbell Hausfeld is a powerful tool that guarantees exceptional performance and one of the quietest air compressor for garage.

The company has been at the forefront of making equipment for agricultural and domestic use.

This compressor ensures quiet operation at only 68 decibels, allowing you to work with it anywhere without causing unnecessary disturbances to those around you.

It also has an oil-free pump, and hence requires little maintenance. It’s made of specially coated metal which guarantees durability and its rated 125 PSI. Therefore you can use it for various projects such as nailing, painting, fastening, and stapling.

6. Kobalt Air Compressor

Kobalt Air Compressor is a reasonably priced machine that you can use for a variety of DIY activities at home. It is also a quiet product rated 60 decibels when in operation, making it ideal for use in your home garage.

It comes with a large tank and delivers maximum pressure at 150 PSI. The large cylinder is 4.3 gallons and thus will take it much air.

It is incredibly lightweight fitted with a handle for easier movement from one room to another. That said, it also has an oil-free pump, and this means there is no maintenance, and the costs are minimized.

It is made of high quality metal, quite reliable and uniquely coated guarantying durability. The numerous features make it a user friendly tool. For instance, the gauge allows you to monitor the pressure.

7. Champion Sports Ultra Quiet Compressor

The Champion Sports Air Compressor is an ultra-quiet tool which has been approved by CSA as a safe product.

It rated 60 decibels guarantying quiet operation in your garage; therefore, it takes the crown as one of the best quiet air compressors for garage. Therefore you can use around your home at peace, knowing that you are not disturbing your neighbors.

It comes with a power cord that allows for connection to an electric outlet. In addition, it has a handle, which makes it easy for you to move it around. The pump features a gauge hose and a needle.

It can operate with a maximum pressure of 60 PSI, and therefore you can use it for accomplishing several tasks around your home.

8. Micro-Mark Whisper Air Compressor

This Micro-Mark tool features a compact and sleek design that makes it suitable for use at home.

It is a lightweight machine that only weighs nine pounds, with an overall dimension of 10 x 5.5 x 8 inches. The compact design allows you to use at home in different rooms and even outdoors.

It’s a quiet machine that ensures you carry on with your tasks in utmost silence without disturbing those around you.

It has an auto start and stop function making it a user-friendly tool to use at home. Since it’s oil free it requires little to no maintenance . It is reasonably priced, and the fact that you will not incur much in terms of repairs means it will give you value for money. The motor is powerful and provides a PSU of 57.

Final thoughts on the quietest air compressor for garage

After reviewing the air compressors highlighted above, it is worth noting that the most silent air compressor gives decibel ratings between 60 and 79. While shopping, you can have a quick glimpse of the specifications. Similarly, other than sound, the quality and features are essential aspects that you should also look at when selecting the quietest air compressor for garage.

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